Updates from KBIS!

We are excited to bring you the latest news and insights from the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS)! Last month we were thrilled to be among the industry’s leading movers and shakers in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are our industry trend findings for 2015!

Metallics and Reflectives: From cabinetry banding to tile, we’re seeing more mirror images this year. Look out for high, chrome-like reflections on wall surfaces and edge detailing!

Adaptable Surface Heights: At more than a few booths, we witnessed countertops automatically raised and lowered to adapt to different social settings. Maybe you want to eat lunch at regular chair-height on your peninsula, but then have a bar-height elbow ledge for your dinner party or cocktail hour later that evening – now you can have both in one space!

Automation: Seen especially with the aforementioned adjustable countertop heights, we’re also seeing a continuation of last year’s automated world. And we can’t complain! Why turn a faucet on manually or flush a toilet using your hand when you can just wave over the surface to have it work? The technology is advanced and accurate, and we had a lot of fun turning fixtures on and off without having to touch them.

Patterned Tile: Patterning is all the rage. Tile manufacturers were thrilled to debut their tessellation-like patterns on the show floor.

Outdoor Kitchens: Bringing the inside out with the convenience of an outside kitchen is becoming more and more popular. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet revealed their newest product, the built-in artisan fire pizza oven. This oven will cook a pizza in less than 3 minutes!

Speed Ovens: Viking has introduced the Professional TurboChef oven, the “Fastest Oven In the World,” which claims to cook food 15 times faster than conventional ovens. This means you could cook an entire Thanksgiving turkey in about 40 minutes! Viking also introduced a French-door double wall oven, the first of its kind available with self-cleaning on the consumer market.

Integration: From televisions in your bathroom mirrors to cutting boards in your kitchen sink, the industry is moving towards designing with integration for greater convenience!


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