Trends: The Pitfalls

There are plenty of television shows and websites and magazines flaunting the “latest and greatest” in style trends. Everyone wants to tell you how to be “in” on the latest styles and how to look the most current in your own home. But there is a fine line between a space that’s “updated” and a space that’s “trendy.”

We love contemporary and modern, but “trendy” can be dangerous territory. Keep in mind that mauve toilets and robin’s egg blue refrigerators were once the “in” look…what do you think when you see them in a home now??

If you are investing any sum – but especially a large sum – of money into your newly designed space, you want it to last. You don’t want to walk into your kitchen ten years down the road and think, “I really need to get this redone…again.”

We design our kitchens so that they outlast the test of time. Whether your style is modern or traditional, having classic (not to be confused with “classical,” though) elements, quality materials, and a well-trained design professional will keep you in a timeless direction, instead of the “here today, gone tomorrow” undertow of trends.


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