The Sink as a Transformative Fixture

What can your sink do for you? Is it just a typical basin where you can soak and wash dishes, fill up pots of water? What if we told you your sink could be transformed to something much greater and more spectacular? Let us introduce to you a sink designed for innovation and multi-functional use!

The sink is an underutilized fixture when it sits as a single, small basin, interrupting your workspace. Having an undermount, integrated sink with surfaces revolutionizes the concept of a sink by incorporating it directly into your work space. The chopping boards are built right into the system of the sink! As is a drainboard, a secondary chopping board, a strainer, a condiment station, an ice bucket…the list goes on and on!

One of our favorite aspects of this truly transformative fixture is how adaptable it is to your lifestyle and needs. It can be used as a cooling rack for hot trays right out of the oven, a serving station for snacks and drinks, a full salad bar, or a prep and cleaning space. The applicability is fantastic for entertainers and home chefs alike. Even small kitchens benefit enormously from the transformative and hyper-functional countertop/basin space.

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