The Secret Is (Literally)
Behind Closed Doors

There are nearly an infinite number of solutions to customize storage efficiency in your kitchen: secret compartment spice racks, hidden toe kick drawers, “magic” corner solutions, and ergonomic amenities to make your kitchen more functional both now and down the road. All of these accessories are designed to make your new space more efficient and accessible, and, of course, custom to your specific storage needs. A few examples of specialized storage throughout your kitchen may include:

Spice racks
Wastebasket cabinet (single – or double, for recycling)
Wine glass storage
Broom closet
Lazy Susan corner storage – or the updated Super Susan storage (now the industry standard)
Dog food storage
Tupperware storage
Toe kick drawer
Sink tilt-out
Towel bar
Tray/cookie sheet/platter storage
Wine storage
Appliance garage
Cookbook rack

We like to take the time to get to know you so we may better fit your accessories with your lifestyle. Part of our job as designers to to gauge which solutions will work best with your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

For instance, if you’d like a spice rack, three immediate solutions come to mind. The most common solution is the pull-out spice rack, hidden in a narrow base cabinet with bottom-mounted hardware and typically three or four shelves to house your spice collection. If you have many spices and also a large collection of oils or larger spices, you may instead consider the door-mounted spice rack (typically on the inside of a wall cabinet door, but also available on base cabinets): the shelves inside the cabinet are half-depth to allow the door with attached rack to close inside the cabinet, giving you a great place to store your oils. A third solution is the spice drawer insert, which allows you to angle your spices in a standard drawer so you can see their labels, facing up.

Be open with your designer about what you’d like and why you’d like it so we may work out the best options for you based on our knowledge of design and cabinetry. The better we know you, the more creative we can be to help you! Perhaps you’d like a bar at the end of your kitchen; that presents a great opportunity for wine glass holders. Maybe you have a specialty teapot collection; they may look beautiful inside lit glass door cabinets. With semi-custom to custom cabinetry, it never hurts to ask!

It’s important to keep in mind that most accessories will add to the cost of your project. Understanding and comparing cost versus value is important to us (and should be to you, too!), which is why we often develop one design without accessories, so that you have an easy baseline comparison. There is typically a huge difference in cost between a kitchen with a few or no accessories and a design with all of the bells and whistles. You may not need every accessory in the book, but it’s worth putting in a few specialty storage features and amenities that will make how you use your kitchen more efficient to your lifestyle.

We’re happy to review all of the different storage options for what you need through our showroom, photographs of completed kitchens, and our spec books. When you meet with your designer, be sure to mention any specific storage you’re interested in, because that may help us select the right cabinetry manufacturer to suit your needs. We’re confident that we can resolve any storage concerns you have in your existing kitchen with our new design!

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