Semi-Custom Cabinetry:
Informing More Than Just Your Kitchen

We dedicate a lot of time time to discussing the benefits of new kitchen cabinets: an updated look, increased storage, better organization, heightened efficiency, new lifetime warranty, etc. However, these benefits are by no means limited to your kitchen.

Cabinetry manufacturers specifically design cabinetry for rooms besides the kitchen. Bathrooms are the second most popular room to remodel, and there are many amenities available specifically for bathrooms, with pull-out hampers, hair dryer drawers, and mirrored medicine cabinets to match your new vanities. Even many of the specialty storage features can cross over into other rooms: how about a “spice rack” pull out for hair-care products? Or even a “silverware” drawer insert to organize your make-up? It’s a great chance to be creative!

Let’s consider the rest of your home. Kitchen cabinets are popular and bathroom vanities are often considered, but what about an entertainment center piece for your living room? Have you given thought to a semi-custom desk and bookcases for your office? What about custom storage around your fireplace? Can you imagine a polished laundry room, customized to your organizational needs?

There are semi-custom to custom cabinets for everything – from window seats to rifle cases – and the quality and value for this cabinetry through the rest of your home will be the same high standard as the kitchen cabinetry we recommend. You’ll have the same vast selection for door styles, finishes, wood species, etc. but an entirely new context for your look. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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