Prepping Meals for Your Remodel

Imagine dancing in the spaciousness of your new kitchen, whipping up delectable meals on your new-found acres of prepspace, having an organizing “spot” for all of those kitchen necessities instead of jumbled piles… It sounds like a dream come true!

But to get to that dream state, you first need to face the reality of the remodel process. Quality workmanship takes time, and that’s time when your kitchen will be under construction: you likely won’t be able to use your stove, kitchen sink, dishwasher etc. This is often a big transition for homeowners, especially those who enjoy cooking! But fear not, there are many preparations you can make to ready yourself for a home without a kitchen during the construction phase.


While your indoor kitchen is temporarily out of commission, turning to your outdoor kitchen can be a great option. Barbecuing is a long-standing American tradition, so why not take full advantage and take to the grill?

Beyond the standard hot dogs and hamburgers, grilling can be a great option for vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish – even fruits and desserts. You can foil-wrap foods or put them straight over the flame. There are so many options and recipes for deliciously grilled food, this can be a great time to exercise your skills or learn a few new ones!


Casseroles and various other dishes (like soups!) can take very nicely to your freezer. Consider making meals before the demolition/construction starts and freezing them to then reheat throughout the renovation, if you have a countertop microwave or hot plate. Just be sure the dishes you use are microwave-safe or safe to transition between the freezer and your hotplate!


An ever-popular and convenient option, going out to eat at local restaurants can be a great way to take a break from the construction zone. Whether you have favorite restaurants, spots you’ve been meaning to try, or just want to go out and explore the local foodie culture, there are usually plenty of options for dining out.


Know of a local friend, family member, or neighbor planning a remodel in the near future? Plan a meal exchange with them! You can host them for any number of meals of your choosing during their renovation, and they can return the favor while you’re under construction. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with people you care about!


Are there “date night” cooking classes offered in your area – you get to learn a new meal and eat it at the end! How about pre-packaged foods that can be microwaved on demand? We’ve heard lots of ideas over the years for how best to eat during a remodel. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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