Our Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Remodel Process

Undertaking a remodel project – of any scale – can be overwhelming. Most people only renovate their kitchen once in a lifetime, and there are infinite options, decisions, considerations, and coordinations to make. As a result, it is critical to have a strong team to support you throughout the process. We strive to make your home renovation as simple and unstressful as possible. We achieve this through our professional team, comprised of highly educated and experienced designers, master tradesmen, and full project management. Our specifically designed professional procedure allows our clients to understand the various phases of the renovation process and aides the design team, contractors, installers, plumbers, and electricians in and during the renovation schedule. From start to finish, here are the steps to your Nicely Done renovation:

1. Call Nicely Done Kitchens (703.764.3748) or email us (info@nicelydonekitchens.com) to set up a free initial consultation appointment

2. Initial Appointment: At your home, your professional NDKB Designer meets to discuss your project in depth and measure your existing space

3. Design Review and Retainer: Tour your new design with computerized floor plan, perspectives and top views presented to you. A specific budget analysis including installation numbers are presented.

4. Trades Appointment: Second home visit by NDKB Designer and master tradesmen to perform a complete home analysis

5. Design Development Phase: NDKB Design Team finalizes floor plans, material selection and calculations, and mechanical specifications. Plans are made and final quotes written. This may take several meetings at our showroom!

6. Contract Phase: Final plans are reviewed and confirmed by you, the client, in the showroom with your NDKB Designer

7. All material orders, work orders, and construction schedules are completed

8. Start Meeting: Two weeks prior to your cabinets’ delivery, you will be contacted via phone or email with a project start date. Shortly before the start date, your NDKB Designer, Project Manager, and Head Contractor will meet with you at your home for the Start Meeting to review the entire scope of the project before demolition/construction.

9. You are now under construction! NDKB will have daily communications with the Head Contractor and our Project Manager or a member of the Design Team will be stopping at your job periodically throughout its construction.

10. Final Punch List developed and completed

11. Job Completion Letter sent to you, and congratulations on your Nicely Done Kitchen/Bath!

We are huge advocates of client education – the more you know, the better informed your decisions will be – and we’re happy to answer your questions about our process. We encourage you to give us a call or come into our showroom to ask in person!


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