Kitchens Selling Homes

If you are thinking of selling your home anytime in the future, you should consider updating your kitchen – even a light facelift will do! We have heard from countless clients the tremendous impact their kitchen remodel had on the sale of their house. Some of these clients knew before they started that they would be selling soon; others did not have immediate plans to move, but circumstances changed.

However, the story is the same: past clients call us up to thank us, attributing the quick and desirable sell of their house completely to their new kitchen. We’ve had clients call us shortly after closing to tell us their homes sold on the first day of sale, for the asking price – and they credit that entirely to the new kitchen.

We are not realtors, though we do frequently hear rumor that kitchens – followed by bathrooms, and then closets – are truly what sells a house. Regardless of how much you cook, everyone congregates in the kitchen; it is the heart of the home. So it’s very appealing when that heart is inviting, updated, and enjoyable to spend time in!

People walk away from a house for sale with a memory of the space – so leave an impression that’s positive and memorable (aka, well designed!). It doesn’t need to be a full kitchen make-over, if you have nice cabinets and flooring already, which is why we offer our “kitchen lite” package: just new countertops and a new backsplash to facelift the space.

More often than not, though, clients prefer to start from scratch and we redesign the entire space, specifically for resale. This means we are working with our best value lines. If the kitchen is not for you, there’s not a lot of reason to go fully custom in the space, so we offer options specifically designed to give you the most bang for your buck.

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