How Your Kitchen Is Like Your Heart (and Your Designer Is Like Your Surgeon)

We’ve all heard it before: the kitchen is the heart of the home. But what if your heart is in need of a tune-up? Or maybe you’ve had a series of issues in the past, all contributing to the need for a substantial lifestyle change? Even if you are in dire need of help, the idea of a stranger coming in and completely reworking you can be an overwhelming and even scary prospect. It’s just as important to know your remodeling team as it is your medical team.

If your heart needed work done, you wouldn’t go to a surgeon on the premise that he has dirt cheap prices. You would go to someone you can put your faith in to do things RIGHT. (And right the FIRST time, at that!) This is a huge investment, and whether it’s actually your heart, or the heart of your home, you want to have confidence in the people you’re working with and know that investment will last you a lifetime.

It’s important to know that the team you have are professionally educated and accredited, licensed, and meet all local/state/national standards (like pulling permits and getting inspections) that apply. You wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon who didn’t meet those criteria; why settle for less for the heart of your home?

We could have chosen to design and build skyscrapers or offices, but none of those have a heart! We get to know you, your family, your lifestyle, your work habits – and we put as much heart into your project as you’ve put into your home.


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