How About A Green Kitchen?

I don’t mean money, avocados, limes or any other color green, but the one that lasts – environmentally green. Recently, I had a very “environmentally friendly client,” who wanted to remodel her kitchen was as many products as possible. She had done a lot research on the internet, but was having a hard time finding the right products. That is, untill she found us. We are Certified Green Specialists according to the National Association of Home Builders and are more than willing to help your remodeling project go green.

The options for environmentally friendly choices for kitchens and bathrooms are endless now a day, especially since it’s a rapidly changing field with new and improved materials coming out on the market daily. Lets look at the “everyday choices” we are faced with and how we can help the environment.

1.- Oil Resources: Proximity – Chose products that are made close to home. Product coming from overseas travel the furthest.

2.- Oceans and Dumping Areas: Recycled, or renewable materials that don’t end up in our oceans or the dumpster are great choices. We donate on our clients behalf what can be donated to charitable entities. Especially never cabinetry and appliances.

3.- Water resources: use products that offer “low flow” devices in toilets and faucets. Instant waterless tanks save both water and energy.

4.- Energy Resources: The obvious choice is energy-efficient appliances – Refrigerators are the biggest culprit since they are always “on” – Newer refrigerators by far use significantly less energy than the older ones.

5.- Energy efficient Lightbulbs: These last a lot longer than regular light bulbs, and don’t produce as much heat. At minimum install dimmers for your existing lights at home.

6.- Washing dishes without using the drying cycle – off time washing.

7.- Dishwashers with independent top rack washing, or double drawers.

8.- Include a recycling center in your home – preferably the kitchen – we recommend a double waste basket, one for thrash and one for recycling

9.- Cleaning supplies.

10.- Countertops with recycled materials in it such as glass.

While that list may seem long, there are plenty more that I didn’t mention. Kitchens and bathrooms are no different when selecting products. Countertops can be made out of recycled goods reusing glass and other materials to help reduce the impact we make on the world. Everyone wants a pretty kitchen, but to have a pretty kitchen and reduce the amount of waste is even better. In addition, the wood from the cabinets can be reused. Oddly shaped pieces can be used for cutting boards, finger joints, animal bedding or landscaping materials. There is no such thing as too many cutting boards.

Another important thing that green kitchens have to deal with is meeting the standards for formaldehyde levels each year that are acceptable for formaldehyde output and are still considered green products. I, Evelyn Nicely, oder every product personally to ensure it meets with, not only California standards, but yours. We don’t just tell you it’s a green product and then give you whatever we have lying around. We do the nitty-gritty research to make sure that we can offer you a custom line of cabinets that even the adhesives used on them are formaldehyde free as well. Granted, these custom cabinets are by far not the cheapest, but if your willing to go green, they’re exactly what the doctor ordered. We are here to help select the correct environmentally friendly products for your kitchen or bath.

It appears that Kermit the Frog never worked with us when he said, “It ain’t being green.” If you select Nicely Done Kitchens, not only will your kitchen be a work of art, but going green will be easy as 1, 2, 3.


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