Hard to find the right hardware?

Knobs and pulls seem like such a small afterthought of a detail…until you see the wall of all the options, spanning ten feet high and twenty feet wide! It can be intimidating to figure out where to even start. So we have a system to help you find the best fit for you! It can feel overwhelming, but just like with every other decision on your kitchen, we are there to help you through the sea of options.

First, know that you can mix and match in a few different directions. Column A includes (Doors, Drawers) and Column B includes (Knobs, Pulls, Shells). You can put almost whatever combination you’d like throughout your kitchen: knobs on the doors, pulls on the drawers; pulls on the doors, shells on the drawers; knobs on the doors and drawers.

Next is to figure out which combination is right for you.

This is split into two halves – the look and the feel. Look at examples of kitchens with all pulls or all knobs. Do you like either of those aesthetics? Or would you prefer a combination look?

Now how about the feel? At the end of the day, you will be using the hardware in your kitchen more than almost any other piece in the design. Opening doors, pulling on drawers…so, see how it feels! There is a huge variety of decorative hardware available – unique shapes and even themes – but it’s important to consider how constantly you will be wrapping your hand around and using the hardware, every single day. Ergonomics is extremely important to consider and to test for yourself. How do you like opening upper and lower doors with knobs? Is it more comfortable to open them with pulls? What about drawers? Figure out which ergonomic combination is most comfortable for you!


We work on many “aging in place” projects, which are specifically designed to accomodate couples planning to retire or stay decades/indefinitely in their current home. With that in mind, if arthritis runs in your family, you may want to consider the benefits of “pulls” over “knobs.” It is much easier to slip your hand inside a pull to open a drawer/door than to tighten your fingers to grasp a small knob if arthritis is an issue or may be a future concern.

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