For Whom Are You Remodeling?

One of the first questions we ask our clients is how long they intend to live in the home we’re renovating. This is usually a short question: typical responses include just another few years, 5 – 10 years/until the kids are out of school, or – and with gusto – “they’ll be carrying us out feet first!”

There is a wide array of reasons homeowners remodel, but one thing is consistent: resale is always a factor. Even if this is your forever home, resale is still on the list – it just becomes a very low priority. Knowing how long you plan on being in your house helps us, as designers, figure out at what priority resale is for you.

If you’re planning on selling in the next couple of years, it’s likely your remodel is specifically – if not entirely – for resale purposes. They do say the kitchen sells the home! So you may feel it’s finally time to change the cabinets and/or upgrade the countertops. We help guide you to decisions that are in keeping with what’s popular with other remodeling homeowners, so you aren’t making selections that are outrageous or out of line with the average prospective homeowner’s preferences in the area. Though we’re confident you’ll love it, too, in the “short-term to sell” circumstance, you are remodeling for prospective buyers, not yourself (even though you may LOVE that chartreuse backsplash accent tile!).

If you aren’t planning on moving out of your house anytime soon, we will still guide you and let you know if you’re making decisions that aren’t typical for the area. We have some clients who just can’t live without that vivacious, bold tiling or are very modern in an ultra-traditional area – or maybe you’re taller (or shorter!) than average and want your countertop height adjusted accordingly. As long as resale isn’t a priority for you, we encourage incorporating customizations! This is YOUR kitchen, after all, and we want you to thrive in, smile, and enjoy your new custom built space!

It’s important to identify early on in the process for whom you are remodeling – yourself or a future buyer. No matter what, we will guide you to a beautiful new design!

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