Countertops 103

There are a lot of terms and options that need definition and detailing beyond the color or composition of your countertop. Here is the final chapter of our three-part guide to the basic terms and definitions for the ideal countertop in your home. We conclude with a conversation about splashes!

There are three options for countertop backsplashes – this specifically refers to having the same kind of material for your backsplash (say, granite) as you do for your countertops.

No splash – this means your countertop will perpendicularly intersect your wall, clean and evenly. This is the most popular option and is almost exclusively used in conjunction if you’d like a tile backsplash, either now or down the road as a future project.

4″ backsplash – this refers to a piece of (for instance) granite sitting up against the wall on top of your countertop. 4″ is the standard, but there is definitely wiggle room for an inch or two larger or smaller. This is the popular option for bathroom vanities or kitchens where you’d prefer paint on the back walls instead of tiling.

Full granite backsplash – we’ve seen a trend recently of exotic granites being used for the countertop and then as the full-height backsplash, as well. Best in large spaces, it can have quite a dramatic effect with the right exotic pattern.


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