Countertops 102

There are a lot of terms and options that need definition and detailing beyond the color or composition of your countertop. Here is the second part of our three-part guide to the basic terms and definitions for the ideal countertop in your home. This month we delve into edge profile options for your new work surface!

Edge profiles refer to the type of finish cut on the edge of your countertop, hanging over your cabinet doors and drawers:

Standard (square) – much like its name, this is the standard edge profile:

Half-bullnose – curved on the top with a drip-edge on the bottom, similar to a quarter-round profile:

Full bullnose – curved on the top and the bottom, similiar to a half-round profile. The disadvantage of this profile is there is no drip edge; if you spill water on the countertop and it drips towards the edge, it’s likely some of it will curve under the countertop, following the profile of the counter, and seep into the wood of the cabinety. (Always remember, wood and water do not mix!):

Ogee – an elegant profile for more definition:

Cove ogee (or double ogee) – an elegant profile that becomes even more defined with an extra edge cut:

Bevel – similar to the standard, square edge, but with a 45degree angle cut into the top edge:

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