Closets: There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

Closets can be dark, dismal holes of despair – IF they are not properly organized and systemized. It can be a daunting task to go in every spring enthusiastic to clear out and clean up, but know that before long the closet will be back to its messy state. That’s because you are probably settling for open racks or just a bare pole for hangers – even reach-in closets can be fantastic opportunities when you start designing EFFECTIVELY for storage solutions!

Redoing a closet is one of the best “bang for your buck”s out there. There are services – which we at Nicely Done Kitchens offer! – to transform your cluttered hull of a storage space into an organized system, designed to fit your needs.
There are practically an infinite number of options for storage, whether you are outfitting a drywall closet as a walk in pantry, winter clothes storage, master bedroom storage, craft room storage, etc.:

Integrating a closet system also means customizing your closet storage needs. We are exclusive dealers for Jay Rambo and offer a fully custom closet design line. Through this line, we feature a number of fully integrated storage solutions and we’re proud to share their videos to demonstrate some of the options for customization!

There are also a huge array of options, depending on your budget. From standard particle board layouts to custom furniture grade with integrations, we are confident we can help you find your way to better closet systems throughout your entire home!

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